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 GSM ROUTER FOR MARINE VESSEL   MAX HD4 : Quad 4G LTE Mobile Router The MAX HD4 delivers outstanding performance from all your connections with the help of SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding and intelligent load balancing.       Quad Embedded Cellular Modems Quad Cellular Modems and Redundant SIM slots allow you to use up to four different cellular Read more

Viva Audio

Amedeo Schembri founded Viva Audio in 1996. Together with his brother, Giampietro, Amedeo has set out to develop audio systems that can reproduce sound with life-like authenticity. Audiophile world first heard of the Viva Audio from Harry Pearson when he reviewed the company's Aurora power amps in 1998. 1998 The highest 4 star Read more

Kerio Control

  [one_half] Kerio Control, is a unified threat management solution, delivers comprehensive protection and maximum performance for networks ranging from simple to complex. Multi-faceted security, including certified firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN services, Anti-virus, and Web Filter, protects the network from a wide array of evolving threats. Kerio Control offers more hardware scalability Read more

Magico A3

A3 The inspiration for the new A3 was driven by the engineering challenge to create not only a full range loudspeaker that incorporates similar design philosophies found in higher-end Magico offerings but to provide an entry level category that is accessible to a new and wider audience of music enthusiasts. The A3 Read more


77m motor yacht GO astonishes with its advanced AVIT system and lighting automation. The centralised AV system on the motor yacht is based on Extron 6400 series matrix fiber switcher and controlled via Crestron processors. Thanks to the centralised system you can easily adjust the signal distribution to each cabin through the matrix on the Read more

Marine Entertainment Systems

  Everything is under control! Lighting – Climate - Video - Music - Security - Curtains Your yacht or custom motor coach is more than just your home away from home. It's also your office away from the office. A Crestron automation solution lets you enjoy the same communications, convenience, and lifestyle on Read more

Constellation Audio

  Centaur: The Centaur is the only stereo amplifier in the world that can deliver the power of a large solid-state design with all the delicacy and detail of the finest single-ended triode tube amplifiers. Rather than bulking up the Centaur by simply adding more transistors—and losing the delicious subtleties and microdynamics Read more

A/V and Lighting Automation

Audio, Video, Lighting, and Drape Automation on motoryacht Sequel P. Attached video taken in the master suite shows the comfort of controlling drapes, lighting, and audiovisual systems wirelessly through an iPad. The entertainment system, and automation in the boat is from Crestron, the lighting from Lutron. The audio, and video on demand Read more