Viva Audio


Amedeo Schembri founded Viva Audio in 1996. Together with his brother, Giampietro, Amedeo has set out to develop audio systems that can reproduce sound with life-like authenticity.

Audiophile world first heard of the Viva Audio from Harry Pearson when he reviewed the company’s Aurora power amps in 1998.
1998 The highest 4 star rating
Viva Aurora monoblocks awarded the highest 4 star rating from Harry Pearson of TAS magazine: “The least colored, speaker to speaker, of the single-ended amplifiers I’ve heard.”
2004 Giorgio Traldi joins Viva
Giorgio Traldi joins Viva Audio as digital electronics engineer. He holds a diploma in Information Technology.
2005 Marco Peverati joins Viva
Marco Peverati joins Viva Audio as chief engineer. A Conservatory graduate, he did his own studies of Baroque trumpet. From time to time he is invited to accompany symphony orchestras as a sound and recording engineer.
2010 Golden Ear Award
Viva Fono phono preamplifier receives a “Golden Ear Award” from Harry Pearson of TAS magazine: “It has, overall, less of its own character or coloration than any of it’s competitors that I have tested.”


Viva Audio Allegra