Constellation Audio

“Naturally, Constellation Audio’s Virgo, Centaur, and Perseus get my highest recommendation. Until and unless you hear differently, they are my new reference electronics.” Jonathan Valin

…Those of you who’ve read Robert Harley’s review of Constellation Audio’s Reference Series Altair linestage preamp and Hercules monoblock power amps in Stereophile magazine’s September issue already know that our Mr. H.—a man not given to superlatives—considers both to be “benchmark” products to which all other aspirants for the title of “Best Electronics” must be compared. Designed by a constellation of high-end-audio engineering “stars” (including Bascom King, John Curl, Demian Martin, and Peter Madnick), who were given blank sheets of paper and unlimited budgets to create the best circuits they could devise, the Altair and Hercules set new standards “in transparency, resolution, absence of grain, and sheer realism” according to Robert.

Frankly, I’ve never heard electronics quite like these, which might have been designed to appeal equally to all three of my different kinds of listeners— “fidelity to mastertapes” listeners because of their resolution and transparency, “as you like it” listeners because of their timbral beauty and dynamic range, and “absolute sound” listeners because of the way that these virtues combine to enhance realism…

Jonathan Valin – February 28, 2012