A Benz Micro phono cartridge is as prestigious as any. Manufactured by hand to the highest specifications, these products promise to stun. Benz Micro cartridges have a special sense for detail and they are transparent in the truest sense of the word. Over the years, Benz Micro’s roots have grown deeper and deeper into the fibers of the audiophile fabric, and appropriately so.

Benz Micro announces the continued development of the S Class phono cartridges. Led by the new flagship LP S “MR” (micro ridge) cartridge, the new Ruby Z and ZH, Gullwing SLR and SHR cartridges, the S Class furthers the performance, selection and value of the Benz Micro line. The highlight of this continued evolution of the Benz cartridge line is the new MicroRidge stylus used on all S Class models from the ACE S to the LP S. We offer an industry leading program for upgrading previous Benz models to the new S Class series.