Ayre Acoustics

Ayre Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award winning audio and video equipment since 1993. Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry, and our full line of audio and video components sets new standards in innovation, design, and performance. We proudly offer the finest equipment for your listening and viewing pleasure..


R Series

R series products are the culmination of Ayre’s cutting edge research and development. Designed for pure performance these products are crafted from the highest grade materials available for uncompromised musicality. From the elegant machined chassis to their incredible technical attributes the R series products will delight and enchant you with every detail.

R serisinde şu anda KX-R model preamp, MX-R model mono güçlendiriciler ve VX-R model stereo güçlendirici yer alıyor.


5 Series

Designed and handbuilt in Boulder, Colorado—the 5 series has withstood the test of time as ultra-reliable, reference quality gear that has been heralded by reviewers worldwide for its superior musicality. Adhering to our philosophy of upgrading rather than obsolesence, each of the 5 series products receives perodic upgrades reflecting significant technical improvements we have discovered through our continued reasearch and developement. Every product in the 5 series is designed for a life time of musical enjoyment.

7 Series

Whether you are just starting your venture into high performance audio or upgrading your current system, the 7 series products will enthrall and involve you with their musical ease and authenticity. Designed and hand built in Boulder, Colorado, the 7 series products are highly acclaimed around the globe and constructed for a lifetime of enjoyment. Audition a 7 series product and change the way you listen to music.

9 Series

Showcasing Ayre’s latest technology, the 9 series redefines value in high performance audio. Handbuilt in Boulder, Colorado these products are true to the Ayre lineage of reliability, upgradeability and innate musicality. The purity and ease with which they deliver each note will give new life to your entire music collection.

QA-9 USB ADC: analog teyp veya LP’lerinizi (hatta ev stüdyo kayıtlarını) dijital ortama aktarmak için ideal bir Analog’dan Dijitale çevirici. Analog girişleri bulunan cihazın USB ve AES/EBU çıkışlarından 24/192 seviyede dijital çıktı alınıyor.

QA-9 USB DAC: asenkron transfer, minimum faz teknolojisi, 16x örnekleme özellikleri ile bu DAC, bilgisayar arşivinizi gerçek anlamda (analog master bant kalitesinde) analoğa çeviriyor.