Aura Audio

Aura Audio Oy is an independent loudspeaker systems manufacturer situated in south west coast of Finland. Born out of a curiosity towards new technologies of two sound engineers in the late -90’s, innovation and continuous product development has always been our driving force and has resulted in several innovations which have been awarded with several US and EPO patents.
We are aiming at simplicity without compromising the sonic quality by designing sound systems comprising as few individual components as possible and loudspeakers that require as little processing as possible. This approach while being more time consuming at development stage has proven to be more cost-efficient to the end-user and more reliable in the long run.
We are totally self-sufficient as a manufacturer which enables us to be very dynamic in terms of lead times and custom projects. Working closely with our customers for almost two decades in both rental and installation market has resulted in wide range of products with different acoustic approaches to common solutions!