The Emitters have been reworked and very much improved in many details !

The new Emitters are unbelievable fast, sound very powerful and are very precise, have a very defined 3 D soundstage with many micro detailswith
extreme control and power especially in low frequenciescombined with a relaxing and smooth sound figure.

The most important Changes :

The complete redesigned main board is more stable (2,4 mm) with now 2x 110u Copper
New input selector with double contact relays switch signal and signal ground together.
Exclusive version with High Voltage Elkos in the main unit and Battery PSU
Also new HV Elkos for input and output stage on the main board.
Adjustable Sub or Pre-out with 6 and 12 dB adjustment for Subwoofer and pre out for slave amps.
Compensation switch with 4x Dip switch (6x at Emitter II) per channel for smoother adjustment.
Input resistance adjustable between 22 k and 500 Ohms with 4 Dip switches.
New faceplate with elegant engravement.
New backplate with high quality, round XLR Connector.
More before optional equipment comes as Standard:

Emitter I Basic now comes as standard with high quality Elma switches and Copal optical rotary encoder. The Trafo PSU comes now with built in active Power parts.

The Emitter Exclusive are equipped with :

Massive Brass Block for the new amplifer HV ICs, HV Elkos for input and output stage, 80 V HV Elkos ( Emitter II 100 V ) for output stage, splitted supply to the both channels for all 6 voltages and 8 qmm silver cable made from solid silver wires for the speaker minus connection.