Constellation in black


Centaur: is the best solid state power amplifier we have heard, period. The Centaur is the only stereo amplifier in the world that can deliver the power of a large solid-state design with all the delicacy and detail of the finest single-ended triode tube amplifiers.

Rather than bulking up the Centaur by simply adding more transistors—and losing the delicious subtleties and microdynamics for which smaller, simpler amplifiers are treasured—Constellation Audio’s “dream team” of engineers decided on a different approach.First, we built a superb-sounding 125-watt single-ended amplifier. Then we designed it as a module so that we could achieve any desired power rating by simply adding more modules. The resulting 250-watt-per-channel stereo amplifier sounds exactly


Virgo II line stage: The Virgo II upgrades the original Virgo with a dual-mono power supply taken from the original Altair Reference series line stage. The new power supply fits underneath the Virgo II chassis, and existing Virgo units can also be upgraded to use the new power supply. With this new supply, Virgo II’s sound quality takes a dramatic step up, with better dynamics, detail and soundstaging. In addition, the front LCD control screen has been improved with larger fonts and higher contrast for easier visibility. Virgo II also adds new convenience features such as a home theater bypass mode and a DC trigger output for automatic amplifier power on and off. Available Q2 2013.


Cygnus DAC/file player: Cygnus is available in two versions: a DAC-only model and a model that combines a digital file player and a DAC. Cygnus uses multiple DAC chips per channel in a complementary, perfectly balanced configuration for sound quality that will surpass the expectations of even the most demanding audiophile. Cygnus accepts USB input from computers as well as digital signals from CD players and the like. The file player version also works with USB hard drives and memory sticks. To both, Constellation Audio has added a double-precision DSP-based volume control, allowing Cygnus to be used without a preamp, as well as the same substantially improved dual-mono power supply used for Virgo II. Available Q1 2013.


Perseus phono preamp: The Perseus employs a phono preamp circuit created by John Curl, the legendary engineer widely regarded as the audio industry’s greatest master of phono preamp design. Not only is it Curl’s finest design to date, it also benefits from the same perfectly balanced Line Gain Stage circuit topology found in other Constellation Audio products. RIAA EQ low-pass and high-pass filtration can be independently fine-tuned in five increments. For the two moving-coil inputs, resistive loading is continuously adjustable from 0 to 1000 ohms. For the moving-magnet input, both capacitance and resistance can be user-adjusted. Perseus has also been upgraded with the same dual-mono power supply as Virgo II and Cygnus. Available Q1 2013.